Our Certificates

As SEMAY & AKAS, we have both GlobalGAP and İ.T.Ü (Good Agricultural Practices) where we renew every year.

GlobalGAP's roots began in 1997 as an initiative by retailers. British retailers working together with supermarkets in continental Europe become aware of consumers' growing concerns regarding product safety, environmental impact and the health, safety and welfare of workers and animals. So they developed independent certification system for Good Agricultural Practice (G.A.P.). It helped producers comply with Europe-wide accepted criteria for food safety, sustainable production methods, worker and animal welfare, and responsible use of water, compound feed and plant propagation materials. In 2007, G.A.P. is renewed and started to serving the whole world under the name GlobalGAP and currently it is the world's leading assurance certificate and we are proud to have the certificates, showing our costumers how carefully our plants are grown.

The other certificate we renew every yer is İTÜ certificate, serving for the same goal as Globalgap, but given under the supervision of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food.