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Our finest vine tomatoes are 100% natural, raised in geothermally heated glasshouses, and distributed to customers through our brand, SemSem.


Turkey's first twin greenhouses. Vine tomatoes are produced in the SEMAY & AKAS greenhouses, which utilizes Dutch technology and is geothermal climate controlled. The main aim of the greenhouses is to offer the finest tasting naturally grown tomatoes to domestic and overseas customers.

About Us

The AKAS started tomato production in July 2014 after the completion of the first phase of construction in the city of Afyonkarahisar.

This greenhouse project will be done in three phases. The first phase is already constructed as a 48,000 m2. An expansion is planned for the greenhouse to reach 260,000 m2.

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SEMAY & AKAS, twin greenhouses, are built to grow vine tomatoes with soilless agriculture. The project is prepared to be built in 3 phases and expected to reach 363.000 m2 of total area.

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Our Certificates

As SEMAY & AKAS, we have both GlobalGAP and İ.T.Ü (Good Agricultural Practices) where we renew every year. GlobalGAP's roots began in 1997 as an initiative by retailers. British retailers working together with supermarkets in continental Europe become aware of consumers' growing concerns regarding product safety, environmental impact and the health, safety and welfare of workers and animals.

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SEMAY AKAS has been organizing Soilless Agriculture Workshops since 2015, offering new graduates an opportunity to develop themselves in Soilless Agriculture, and presenting them with new job opportunities.

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